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  • Postal address: P.O. box #8, Moscow, 127566, Russia
  • Head office: 3 Chermyanskaya str., Moscow, 127081, Russia
  • E-mail: info@abradox.ru
  • Fax: +7 (495) 921-3305
  • Phone 1: +7 (495) 921-3305
  • Phone 2: +7 (499) 940-4854
  • Skype: ABRADOX.russia
Where to buy valves? I don't know...I buy in ABRADOX. I feel cool.

«ABRADOX» LLC. For partnership related questions, please contact our head office:

  • Email: info@abradox.ru
  • Phone: +7 (495) 921-3305

ABRADOX LLC is currently one of the leading companies in the Russian pipeline valves market. Our main goal is supplying customers from Russia and CIS with durable equipment, designed to work with fluids and gases in housing and utility, construction, food, chemical, oil-and-gas, transporting, processing and other industries. ABRADOX LLC is a dynamically developing organization, operated by skilled employees with high experience in manufacturing engineering, civil engineering, housing and utilities. We have 1600 м2 of highly equiped stock area in Moscow, more than 30 distribution offices all over Russia from Pskov to Vladivistok and 12  skilled engineers in the head office.

  Resilent seated NRS Gate valves DN40-900 Resilent seated NRS Gate valves DN40-900 with indicator of opening Resilent seated NRS Gate valves DN40-900 with electrical actuators Resilent seated NRS Gate valves DN40-900 with ISO top flange Butterfly valves Ball check valves Ball check valves Butterfly check valves Гибкая вставка компенсатор резиновый резьбовая - муфтовая ABRA - виброкомпенсатор Expansion Joints Flanged Stainless steel ball valve
  Y strainers flanged   Magnet inserts to Y strainers flanged Strainers meshes  Y strainer threaded Y strainer threaded  Y strainer threaded   Control rods to expansion joints Control rods to expansion joints Valve for manometer, 3-way plug

With over 20 years of experience in the pipeline valves field, ABRADOX LLC has its priority to set on uninterrupted manufacture and supply of high-end product. Years of successful performance in the business guarantee our clients a beneficial long-term partnership. Our knowledge, experience, special deals and wholesale discount system save our partners’ time, efforts and money.  We offer a diverse assortment of pipeline valves that is completely customer-oriented and constantly expanded with products necessary for the companies supplying their facilities with new equipment. Our products are installed on hundreds of sites across the regions of Russia. Here at ABRADOX LLC we are continuously working on development of our performance capabilities, which allows us to supply our customer's orders without procedural delays. We are creating new displays and storage spaces, implementing new equipment and automated work places. The product line is being perpetually widen with impeccable quality valves. In addition to that, we offer full packaging services and pre-sale preparation for local and federal delivery.  High experience of  our engineering and technical personnel allows us to complete orders in a minimal period of time, which is an adequate competitive advantage of ABRADOX LLC. Our growing distribution network, interest and openness to new partnerships, union of manufacturing, engineering, economic and logistic expertise helps us avoid pitfalls and allows for prompt and effective decision making.

The concept of development and the scheme of values at ABRADOX LLC are built upon our responsibility before the customers. We are regularly monitoring the market and inspecting every package on its way from manufacturing facilities to fulfill our quality assurance. It is trust that stands at the bottom of our relationship with customers. We value our reputation and understand that confidence comes as a result of professional management throughout the process and fulfillment of our customers’ expectations that generates profit for both parties.

Above you may find the reason why ABRADOX / ABRA trademark gains more brand awareness every year, why our client list counts thousands of construction firms, industrial companies and other organizations. We carry out responsibilities before our partners, appreciate their trust and proove their choice to work with ABRADOX to be right with our daily performance.

Below you may find a brief selection of our customers: - Gazprom - IKEA - Shell - Pepsico - Nestle - Wimm Bill Dann - O’KEI - My-My - Avtomir - Dekart - SU-155 - Moscow metropolitan railway - Russian Post

АБРАДОКС на русском

  • Email: info@abradox.ru
  • Phone: +7 (495) 921-3305
  • Fax: +7 (499) 940-4854

«ABRADOX» LLC. Our products are designed to work with: water supply, waste water,  drinking water,  sea water, pumping facilities, sewage, drainage systems, water conditioning systems, heat supply, heating systems, heat transfer units, steam systems, booster sets, industry applications etc.

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E-mail: info@abradox.ru - для запросов
Тел. / Факс: (495) 921-3305
Тел. / Факс: (499) 940-4854

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